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Ages 7yrs old and up


Sandra J. Shackelford

Beautiful are the Feet that carries the Gospel of Jesus Christ’ Isaiah 52:7, Romans 10:15

                WOW! 20 plus years of instructions, teaching, and equipping Directors, Dancers and Supporters in organize Dance Ministry.  A Work of LOVE!!!

We salute all the groups whose path(s) brought them to study at Thee Liturgical Dance Conference (TLDC), implementing what they learn and producing stronger dance ministries.  

 Today we stand confident that our vision continues to be valid for ministry today.  TLDC Vision is:

To provide a Christian atmosphere for educating individuals concerning various aspects of Liturgical Dance.

To teach GOD’s Word through Dance and present Christ as a lifestyle.

To strengthen the body of Christ in preparation and setting standards

To develop worshippers that desire to carry out the will of GOD

To expand the Liturgical Dance movement within the various denominations— break through the barriers, where all GOD’s children can worship together.

 Liturgical Dance becomes recognize by the world as an expressive spiritual art form.


In the work of Dance Ministry, our goal is to assist in establishing authority, vision, protocol, and commitment levels. Helping individuals to recognize their commitment is to GOD, Jesus our Savior, (Children to the Parents), Pastor/Church, Dance Ministry… to Director, fellow Dancers and audiences. 


Ministries with high priority on teaching the word of GOD will experience growth in their dance. Teach the word and the dance will come.  Learn how to access the GOD of Movement, in the person of the ‘Holy Spirit’ (Genesis 1:2). He will guide you to the movement need to tell the story, to make the lyric come alive: to the awaiting audience you have not met yet. 

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